Discover Quality Soft Play Near Me St Helens – Ideal for Kids Fun!

Soft Play Near Me St Helens

If you’re looking for a fun and safe place for your kids to play, look no further than soft play areas near St Helens. These indoor playgrounds offer hours of entertainment for children of all ages, with a variety of play equipment and activities to keep them engaged and active. The best part? Soft play areas are conveniently located throughout St Helens, making it easy to find one near you.

Soft play is a type of play area that’s designed to be soft and safe for children. It typically features foam padding, tunnels, slides, and other play equipment that’s suitable for young children. Soft play areas provide an interactive and engaging environment that encourages children to explore, play, and develop their physical, social, and cognitive skills.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family or a venue for your child’s next birthday party, St Helens has plenty of soft play options to choose from. From play centres to soft play parks, there’s something for everyone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soft play areas are conveniently located throughout St Helens.
  • Soft play offers a safe and engaging environment for children to play and develop skills.
  • St Helens has a variety of soft play options to choose from.

What is Soft Play?

Soft play is a type of play area designed for young children, typically aged from 6 months to 5 years old, featuring soft and safe play equipment. These areas are indoors and provide a safe and fun environment for kids to play and explore, especially during rainy or cold weather when outdoor play is not possible. Soft play areas are ideal for developing children’s physical, cognitive, and social skills in a controlled and nurturing environment.

St Helens offers several soft play options for children, including indoor play areas and parks. These areas typically feature padded flooring, slides, ball pits, tunnels, and other age-appropriate play equipment that encourage children to climb, crawl, jump and explore. Soft play areas in St Helens also offer amenities such as cafes, seating areas, changing facilities, and parking to ensure that your visit is comfortable and stress-free.

Soft play areas are popular for children’s parties, providing a dedicated space for your child’s celebration. Local soft play areas offer party packages that include catering, party rooms, decorations, and other fun activities to make your child’s birthday memorable.

For more information about soft play areas in St Helens, check out local information websites such as Netmums and Families Online and discover the perfect soft play option near you.

The Best Soft Play Near Me St Helens

St Helens offers a range of excellent soft play options, catering to different ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for a casual playtime or a venue to host your child’s birthday party, you’ll find something that suits your needs. Here are some of the best soft play areas in St Helens:

Name Location Features
Wacky Warehouse Haydock Indoor play area, toddler zone, party rooms, pub on site
Jungle Jim’s Playland Sutton Jungle-themed play area, slides, ball pits, sensory room, café
Runamok Play Centre Eccleston Multi-level play frame, sensory area, football pitch, party rooms

Other soft play options in St Helens worth checking out include Jungle Fun, Jollie Bouncers, and Cheeky Chimps Play Centre, each offering different environments and play equipment.

Before heading out to a soft play area, it’s recommended to check their website or social media pages for up-to-date opening times, admission fees, and any special events or promotions. Some venues require pre-booking, especially for parties, so it’s best to plan ahead.

The Best Soft Play Near Me St Helens

If you’re looking for a fun and safe soft play area in St Helens, you’re in luck. There are several excellent options to choose from. Whether you’re planning a playdate or a birthday party, these soft play parks and play centres are perfect for kids of all ages.

Soft Play Venue Features Location
Wigwam Adventure Indoor adventure playground with slides, tunnels, and climbing frames. Café and party rooms available. Newtown, St Helens
Monkey Magic Play Centre Soft play area with ball pits, slides, and bouncy castles. Party packages and café available. Haydock, St Helens
Fuzzy Ed’s Fun House Soft play area with slides, ball pits, and obstacle courses. Restaurant and party rooms available. Widnes, near St Helens

Wigwam Adventure is a popular choice among St Helens parents, thanks to its wide range of play equipment and amenities. The café serves delicious food and drink, and there are plenty of party rooms available for hire. Monkey Magic Play Centre is another great option, with its bouncy castles and themed play areas. Fuzzy Ed’s Fun House is slightly further out of St Helens, but well worth the trip for its exciting obstacle courses and delicious restaurant.

These soft play venues are perfect for rainy days, providing a safe and fun environment for your children to burn off energy. They’re also great for making new friends and socialising with other families. So why not check them out today?

Family-Friendly Activities in St Helens

St Helens offers a range of family-friendly activities suitable for all ages, making it the perfect destination for a fun-filled day out. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

St Helens is home to several beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, perfect for a picnic or a game of frisbee. Parr Sympathetic Gardens is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, while Victoria Park boasts a children’s play area and a skate park.

Museums and Galleries

St Helens has a rich history and culture, which can be explored in its many museums and galleries. St Helens Museum and Art Gallery offers free admission and a range of exhibits, including local history and art. For those interested in science and technology, the World of Glass is a must-visit attraction, with interactive exhibits and glass-blowing demonstrations.

Theatres and Cinemas

For a night of entertainment, St Helens has several theatres and cinemas to choose from. St Helens Theatre Royal hosts a variety of shows, from pantomimes to musicals, while Cinema City offers the latest blockbuster films.

Children’s Party Venues

Looking for the perfect venue for your child’s birthday party? St Helens has a range of options to choose from. In addition to the soft play areas mentioned earlier, Party Central Play is a popular choice, offering a variety of party packages and activities.

With so many family-friendly activities available, St Helens is the perfect place for a day out with the kids.

The Benefits of Soft Play for Toddlers

If you’re looking for a fun and safe way to help your toddler develop, soft play is a great option. Soft play areas are specifically designed to encourage physical activity, learning, and social interaction in young children.

Physical Development Cognitive Development Social Development
Soft play helps toddlers improve their gross motor skills, such as balance, coordination, and strength. Climbing, crawling, and sliding on soft play equipment allows toddlers to explore their physical abilities in a safe and enjoyable environment. Soft play also promotes cognitive development. Toddlers can engage in imaginative play, problem-solving, and spatial awareness as they navigate the play equipment. Additionally, soft play areas can include sensory play, which can stimulate the senses and encourage exploration. Soft play provides an opportunity for toddlers to socialize with other children of similar age and interests. They can learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and communication. Soft play play areas can also be a great place for parents to meet and chat with other parents in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Soft play areas in St Helens offer a range of activities suitable for toddlers. Many have designated toddler areas with equipment that is specifically designed for their age group. Some soft play centres also offer sensory play areas and designated quiet areas for when toddlers need a break.

So why not bring your toddler to a soft play area in St Helens and watch them develop their physical, cognitive, and social skills while having fun!

Soft Play Parties in St Helens

If you’re looking for a fun and stress-free way to celebrate your child’s birthday, consider hosting a soft play party in St Helens. Many soft play areas offer dedicated party rooms, party packages, and catering options to make your child’s special day even more memorable.

Soft play parties are suitable for children of all ages and often include exclusive use of the play area for your party guests. Many venues also provide party hosts to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the celebration.

If you’re unsure where to host your next party, consider the best soft play options in St Helens, such as Soft Play World or Wacky Warehouse. Both venues offer party packages that include food, drinks, and playtime, making them a hassle-free choice for parents.

When planning your soft play party, be sure to book in advance, as popular venues may fill up quickly. Also, keep in mind that some venues require a minimum number of guests or a deposit to secure your booking.

With soft play parties in St Helens, you can give your child a birthday celebration they’ll never forget, full of laughter, fun, and plenty of playtime.

Safety Measures in Soft Play Areas

When it comes to soft play near St Helens, safety measures are a top priority. Soft play areas are designed to provide a safe environment for children to play and explore. Parents can relax and enjoy watching their little ones have fun, knowing that measures are in place to keep them safe.

The staff at soft play areas in St Helens are highly trained to ensure that children are safe while they play. They are always on hand to supervise and help out when needed.

In addition to trained staff, soft play areas in St Helens undergo regular equipment maintenance checks to ensure that all equipment is in good condition and safe to use. Hygiene practices are also a priority, with regular cleaning schedules and hand sanitizer stations available.

Parents can help maintain a safe environment for their children by ensuring that they follow the rules of the soft play area. These may include guidelines such as no shoes, no food or drink in the play area, and no rough play.

Overall, the safety measures in soft play areas in St Helens provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their children can have fun and stay safe at the same time.

Indoor Play vs. Outdoor Play

Both indoor and outdoor play are beneficial for children, but each offers unique advantages. Indoor soft play areas provide a convenient alternative for playtime, especially during unfavorable weather conditions. St Helens offers a range of options for both indoor and outdoor play.

Indoor Play Area St Helens

Indoor play areas like soft play parks in St Helens offer a safe and controlled environment for children to play in. These areas are equipped with a variety of play equipment that encourage physical activity, social interaction, and imagination. They also offer amenities like dedicated party rooms, catering options, and inclusive packages for special occasions.

Soft Play Park St Helens

Soft play parks in St Helens are perfect for younger children who may not be ready for larger indoor play areas, or for those who prefer a gentler play experience. Soft play parks offer a range of padded play equipment, sensory toys, and interactive games that develop cognitive and motor skills. They also offer a safe and hygienic environment for young children to explore.

Outdoor play, on the other hand, offers opportunities for children to explore nature, develop their senses, and be physically challenged. Parks and playgrounds in St Helens offer a range of outdoor activities, like swings, slides, climbing nets, and sandpits. They also offer open spaces for children to run, play, and engage in unstructured activities.

Whatever your preference, St Helens offers a diverse range of indoor and outdoor play areas for children. Explore all the options and make the most of your child’s playtime!

Finding Soft Play Near Me St Helens

If you’re looking for quality soft play areas near St Helens, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect venue:

  1. Check online directories like Netmums, which lists family-friendly venues in the area.
  2. Ask for recommendations from other parents in local social media groups, like St Helens Mums.
  3. Visit the websites of each venue to see their play equipment, facilities, and opening hours.
  4. Consider location and accessibility – is the soft play area easy to get to by car or public transport?

It’s always a good idea to explore multiple options and read reviews before making a decision. Remember to book in advance, especially during peak times and school holidays. Happy soft play hunting!

Soft Play Etiquette and Tips

Soft play areas can be a great way for children to have fun while burning off some energy. However, it’s important to follow some basic etiquette guidelines to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check age restrictions: Make sure your child is playing in an area that is appropriate for their age and size. This will help prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Respect others: Teach your child to share and take turns with other children. Be mindful of personal space and avoid disrupting other families’ playtime.
  • Cleanliness: Encourage your child to wash their hands before and after playing. Also, remind them to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.
  • Dress appropriately: Some soft play areas may have dress codes or require socks. Be sure to check before you go to avoid any disappointment or discomfort.
  • Supervision: Keep a close eye on your child at all times. It only takes a moment for an accident to occur, so it’s essential to stay aware of your child’s movements.

Remember, soft play is all about having fun, so it’s important to create a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Follow these tips and have a blast at your next soft play adventure in St Helens!


Soft play near St Helens is perfect for kids’ fun and offers a convenient option for parents. In this article, we have explored the benefits of soft play, the best options in St Helens, and family-friendly activities beyond soft play. We have also discussed the benefits of soft play for toddlers, safety measures, indoor vs. outdoor play, finding soft play areas near you, and etiquette guidelines.

We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to make the most of the soft play experience in St Helens. Don’t hesitate to explore the options available, including soft play parks, play centres, indoor playgrounds and children’s party venues.

For more information on specific venues, visit St Helens Leisure, Parks and Events or the TripAdvisor page for St Helens.


Q: What is soft play?

A: Soft play refers to indoor play areas specifically designed for children. These areas are filled with soft and padded equipment, such as slides, ball pits, climbing frames, and tunnels, to ensure a safe and enjoyable play experience.

Q: Where can I find soft play near St Helens?

A: There are several soft play options available in St Helens, including soft play parks and play centres. You can easily find them by checking online directories, asking for local recommendations, or searching on social media groups dedicated to kids’ activities in the area.

Q: Are soft play areas safe for children?

A: Yes, soft play areas prioritize safety. They have trained staff members present to supervise the children, regularly maintain and clean their equipment, and implement hygiene practices. These measures ensure a secure environment for kids to have fun and explore.

Q: What are the benefits of soft play for toddlers?

A: Soft play offers numerous benefits for toddlers. It helps in their physical development, allowing them to climb, crawl, and improve their coordination. It also aids in their cognitive development by stimulating their senses and encouraging problem-solving. Additionally, soft play areas provide opportunities for toddlers to socialize, interact with other children, and develop crucial social skills.

Q: Can I host a children’s party in a soft play area in St Helens?

A: Absolutely! Many soft play venues in St Helens offer dedicated party rooms and inclusive packages for children’s parties. Hosting a party in a soft play area ensures a fun-filled experience for the birthday child and their friends, with the added convenience of not having to worry about entertainment and catering.

Q: How can I ensure a positive soft play experience for my child?

A: To ensure a positive soft play experience, it’s important to follow some etiquette guidelines. Encourage your child to play in age-appropriate areas, respect other children and parents, and practice good hygiene, such as using hand sanitizers and covering coughs and sneezes. Additionally, bringing a water bottle and some snacks can keep your child energized during their playtime.

Q: What are the advantages of indoor soft play compared to outdoor play?

A: Indoor soft play areas offer a convenient alternative to outdoor play, especially when the weather is unfavorable. They provide a safe and controlled environment for children to play and explore, regardless of the season. Indoor soft play areas in St Helens also offer a variety of play equipment and amenities, ensuring a dynamic and entertaining experience for kids.

Q: How can I find the best soft play area near St Helens?

A: To find the best soft play area near St Helens, you can use online directories, ask for local recommendations, or join social media groups dedicated to kids’ activities in the area. Exploring multiple options and reading reviews can help you make an informed decision and find the perfect soft play venue for your child.

Q: Are there any family-friendly activities other than soft play in St Helens?

A: Yes! St Helens offers a range of family-friendly activities beyond soft play areas. You can explore parks, museums, theaters, and other venues that offer activities suitable for all ages. These activities provide opportunities for shared experiences and create lasting memories for the whole family.

Q: Why should I choose soft play near St Helens?

A: Choosing soft play near St Helens ensures that your child has access to quality play areas conveniently located in your community. Soft play venues in St Helens prioritize safety, cleanliness, and variety, ensuring endless fun and laughter for your little ones.

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