Discover Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Hastings for the Perfect Autumn Day

Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Hastings

As the leaves begin to change and the air becomes crisp, there’s no better way to embrace the season than by going pumpkin picking. Luckily, if you’re in the Hastings area, there are plenty of places to find your perfect pumpkin. This beloved British tradition is an activity the whole family can enjoy, and with pumpkin patches conveniently located near Hastings, it’s easier than ever to make a day of it.

Not only is pumpkin picking a fun activity, it also supports local farmers and the community. So why not head out to one of the many pumpkin farms or patches near Hastings and make some memories?

Key Takeaways:

  • Pumpkin picking is a beloved British tradition and a perfect autumn activity for the whole family
  • Hastings has many convenient locations for pumpkin picking
  • Pumpkin picking supports local farmers and the community

Why Pumpkin Picking in Hastings is the Perfect Autumn Activity

If you’re looking for a fun family activity to enjoy during the autumn season, pumpkin picking in Hastings is an excellent choice. There’s nothing quite like the charm of visiting a pumpkin patch or farm in the local area. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for pumpkin picking near Hastings, including pumpkin patches, farms, and fields.

One of the best things about pumpkin picking in Hastings is the beautiful surroundings. You can expect to find pumpkin patches nestled amongst picturesque hills, surrounded by the vibrant colours of autumn foliage. Some of the pumpkin fields in the area even offer stunning views of the sea!

Pumpkin Patches and Farms in Hastings
Coombes Farm
Hollow Trees Farm
Tulleys Farm

If you’re wondering where to find pumpkin patches or farms near Hastings, there are several options to choose from. Coombes Farm, located just outside the town centre, offers a popular pumpkin picking experience, as do Hollow Trees Farm and Tulleys Farm. These locations offer plenty of opportunities to pick your own pumpkins directly from the field, as well as other fun activities.

When it comes to pumpkin varieties, you can expect to find plenty of options to choose from when pumpkin picking in Hastings. From classic carving pumpkins to unusual heirloom varieties, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Some pumpkin patches even offer giant pumpkins for those who want to go all-out for Halloween!

So why not plan a pumpkin picking trip to Hastings this autumn? With so many stunning pumpkin patches and farms to explore, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the season and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Don’t forget to bring your wellies and camera!

What to Expect When Pumpkin Picking Near Hastings

Get ready for an exciting day out in the countryside of East Sussex when you go pumpkin picking near Hastings! You’ll have a fantastic time wandering through pumpkin fields and picking out the perfect pumpkins for your Halloween display or autumnal cooking.

When you arrive at the pumpkin patch in Hastings or the surrounding area, you’ll usually be given a brief introduction to the farm and its layout. After that, it’s time to explore the pumpkin fields and choose your pumpkins!

Take your time strolling through the fields, taking in the crisp autumn air and admiring the beautiful pumpkins in different shapes, sizes, and colours. When you find a pumpkin that’s just right, simply cut the stem with a pair of scissors or secateurs, and place it gently in your basket or wheelbarrow.

Most pumpkin patches around Hastings offer a wide variety of pumpkins, including classic carving pumpkins, decorative gourds, and even some unusual varieties. You may also find additional fun activities for children, such as corn mazes, hayrides, or petting zoos.

If you’re not sure what to do with your freshly picked pumpkins, don’t worry! Many pumpkin patches in Hastings and East Sussex offer cooking tips and recipes for using pumpkins in soups, pies, and other delicious dishes.

Choose Your Pumpkin Carefully

Before you head out to the pumpkin patch, make sure you bring appropriate footwear and clothing to protect against mud and chilly temperatures. When you arrive at the patch, be sure to choose your pumpkins carefully. Check for any bruises or soft spots, and make sure the stem is intact. Look for pumpkins with a flat bottom, so they’ll stand up properly for carving or displaying.

Once you’ve made your selections, it’s time to pay for your pumpkins and head home. Many pumpkin patches and farms near Hastings offer additional amenities, such as toilet facilities, refreshments stands, and picnic areas, which might be useful to know beforehand.

Overall, pumpkin picking near Hastings is an exciting and memorable autumn activity that’s perfect for families, couples, or solo adventurers. Enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and the satisfaction of bringing home your own unique pumpkins!

Best Time to Go Pumpkin Picking Near Hastings

Pumpkin picking is a popular autumn activity in Hastings, and the best time to go depends on when the pumpkins are ripe and ready for picking. Typically, the peak pumpkin season in the local area is from mid-September to late October. During this time, many pumpkin patches and farms near Hastings are open for visitors to come and pick their own pumpkins directly from the fields.

If you want to ensure that you get the best selection of pumpkins, it’s recommended that you go earlier in the season rather than later. This is because the pumpkins tend to sell out quickly, especially closer to Halloween. However, if you’re looking for a more festive atmosphere, visiting a pumpkin patch or farm during the week of Halloween can be a lot of fun.

It’s a good idea to check local information to find out when specific pumpkin patches or farms near Hastings are open and ready for picking. Some may have different hours on weekdays versus weekends, or may have special events or activities planned on certain days. By planning your visit in advance, you can ensure that you have the best pumpkin picking experience possible.

Tips for a Successful Pumpkin Picking Experience in Hastings

Are you planning a pumpkin picking trip near Hastings? Here are some tips to make your experience a success:

  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and sturdy shoes or boots that can handle uneven terrain.
  • Bring cash: Some pumpkin patches or farms may not accept card payments, so it’s always best to bring cash just in case.
  • Choose the right pumpkin: Look for pumpkins that are firm, symmetrical, and free of any soft spots or blemishes. Make sure it’s the right size for your needs.
  • Handle with care: When carrying your pumpkins, make sure to support the bottom so they don’t bruise or get damaged.
  • Be mindful of others: Pumpkin patches can get crowded, so be courteous of others around you. Watch out for young children or people with mobility issues.

Additional Tips for Families

If you’re bringing children with you, here are some extra tips to keep in mind:

  • Prepare for the weather: Make sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather and bring extra layers in case it gets chilly.
  • Supervise children: Keep a watchful eye on children at all times to ensure their safety.
  • Take breaks: If children get tired or need a break, take a rest or stop for a snack.
  • Consider other activities: Some pumpkin patches or farms may offer additional activities like corn mazes or hayrides that children may enjoy.

Following these tips will help you make the most out of your pumpkin picking experience near Hastings.

Other Autumn Activities near Hastings

While pumpkin picking is a must-do activity during the autumn season, there are plenty of other things to see and do in the Hastings area. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor entertainment, there’s something for everyone.

For those who enjoy nature walks, be sure to explore the beautiful Alexandra Park. With its stunning gardens, ponds, and wildlife, it’s the perfect place to take in the autumn scenery. If you’re feeling more adventurous, head to the nearby Rye Harbour Nature Reserve for hiking and birdwatching.

Art lovers will appreciate the De La Warr Pavilion, a contemporary art gallery located in Bexhill-on-Sea. The gallery showcases a diverse range of exhibitions, as well as live performances and events.

If you’re travelling with children, check out the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings. Home to a variety of sea creatures, including sharks, turtles, and rays, it’s a fun and educational experience for all ages. And for those looking for a thrill, the nearby Hastings Pier boasts amusement rides and arcade games.

Whatever your interests, there’s no shortage of autumn activities to enjoy near Hastings.

How to Plan Your Pumpkin Picking Trip to Hastings

If you’re excited to go pumpkin picking near Hastings this autumn, it’s important to plan your trip in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Firstly, consider your transportation options. Some pumpkin patches and farms may be accessible by public transport, but others may require a car. If you’re driving, make sure to check the parking availability beforehand.

It’s also a good idea to check if there are any admission fees or if booking in advance is required. While some pumpkin patches in the area may offer free entry, others may have a small fee.

When visiting a pumpkin patch or farm, it’s always helpful to be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear. As the fields can be muddy and uneven, make sure to wear sturdy shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty. Dressing in layers is also recommended as weather can be unpredictable during the autumn season.

If you’re visiting with young children, be sure to bring any necessary items such as a stroller or baby carrier. Some pumpkin patches and farms may also offer additional amenities or facilities such as restrooms and food stalls.

Finally, don’t forget to bring cash or card for any purchases you may make at the pumpkin patch or farm. If you’re interested in supporting local businesses, consider purchasing other locally grown produce or products while you’re there.

With a little bit of planning, you can make the most of your pumpkin picking trip near Hastings and enjoy a fun-filled autumn day out. For more information on pumpkin patches and farms in the area, check out local resources such as Visit Hastings.

Support Local Pumpkin Farms in Hastings

There are many benefits to buying pumpkins directly from local farmers, including supporting the community and having access to fresh, high-quality produce. When you visit a pumpkin patch or farm near Hastings, you can be confident that you are supporting local businesses and contributing to the local economy.

Many local pumpkin farms offer more than just pumpkins. They often sell other produce, such as apples and squash, as well as homemade jams, jellies, and baked goods. By purchasing these products, you are not only supporting local farmers but also enjoying delicious, freshly grown produce.

When you visit a local pumpkin farm, take the time to talk to the farmers and learn more about their operations. They may be able to offer insight into the pumpkin growing process or provide tips on how to cook and prepare different pumpkin varieties.

Supporting local pumpkin farms is not only good for the community, but it can also be a fun and educational experience for the whole family. Take the time to explore the pumpkin patches and farms near Hastings and discover the many benefits of buying local.

Safety Considerations for Pumpkin Picking Near Hastings

When planning your pumpkin picking trip near Hastings, it’s important to take safety measures into account to ensure a fun and accident-free experience. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Wear appropriate footwear: The ground on pumpkin fields can be uneven and muddy, so it’s best to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots.
  • Stay hydrated: Autumn days can be cooler, but it’s still important to bring enough water to stay hydrated, especially if it’s a sunny day.
  • Be aware of hazards: Pumpkin patches can have tripping hazards, like vines or uneven terrain. Take care to watch your step, and be aware of any potential hazards in the field.
  • Take care when handling pumpkins: Pumpkins can be heavy, so it’s essential to lift them with your legs and not your back to avoid potential injuries.

By being aware of these safety considerations, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable pumpkin picking experience near Hastings. For more information on pumpkin picking safety, click here.

Capture Memories: Photography Tips for Pumpkin Picking in Hastings

Pumpkin picking in Hastings can provide the perfect autumn backdrop for some beautiful photographs. Here are some photography tips to help you capture and preserve those special memories:

  • Golden hour: Plan your pumpkin picking trip for the late afternoon, just before sunset. The soft, warm light during “golden hour” can create a stunning, nostalgic atmosphere for your photos.
  • Composition: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create interesting compositions. Try shooting from low angles, or using the pumpkin vines and leaves to frame your subject.
  • Details: Don’t be afraid to get up close and capture the intricate details of the pumpkins and their surroundings. Macro lenses can be particularly useful for this.
  • Props: Consider bringing along some fun props, like hats, scarves, or even Halloween-themed props, to add some personality to your photos.
  • Editing: After your pumpkin picking trip, take the time to edit your photos and bring out their full potential. Adjusting the contrast, saturation, and exposure can help enhance the autumn colours and atmosphere.

Remember to enjoy the experience and have fun with your photography. And don’t forget to share your pumpkin picking photos on social media using relevant hashtags like #pumpkinpickinghastings or #autumninhastings. Happy snapping!

Where to Buy Pumpkins in Hastings if You Prefer Not to Pick:

If you prefer not to pick your own pumpkins but still want to decorate your home for the autumn season, there are several places in Hastings where you can buy them. Local markets, grocery stores, and farm shops often offer a selection of pumpkins during the autumn months.

One popular option is the Hastings Country Market, which takes place every Thursday at the Ore Community Centre. You can also find pumpkins at the Half Moon Lane Fruit and Veg shop or the Pett Village Shop.

For a wider selection of pumpkins and other autumnal produce, the Kent and East Sussex Railway’s Pumpkin Express train ride is a great option. This family-friendly attraction takes visitors on a journey through the picturesque countryside to a nearby farm where you can choose your own pumpkins. The train also features a variety of Halloween-themed activities and refreshments on board.

Be sure to check with each location for their pumpkin availability and prices.

Plan Your Pumpkin Picking Adventure in Hastings Today!

Now that you know all about the fun and excitement of pumpkin picking near Hastings, it’s time to plan your adventure! Start by researching the different pumpkin patches and farms in the area using local information, and choose the one that’s right for you.

Consider transportation options and parking availability to ensure a smooth trip. If you’re bringing young children or individuals with specific needs, make sure to check if there are any special accommodations available.

Be sure to check out the best time to go pumpkin picking so you can catch the peak pumpkin season. And don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable footwear for walking around the fields.

If you’re planning on taking photos, be sure to check out our photography tips for capturing memorable moments during your pumpkin picking trip. And remember, it’s always a good idea to support local pumpkin farms in the Hastings area by purchasing your pumpkins directly from them.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your pumpkin picking adventure in Hastings today and experience the joy of this autumn tradition with your loved ones. Don’t forget to share your experience on social media using relevant hashtags!


Q: What is pumpkin picking?

A: Pumpkin picking is the activity of selecting and harvesting pumpkins directly from a pumpkin patch or farm.

Q: Where can I go pumpkin picking near Hastings?

A: There are several pumpkin patches and farms near Hastings where you can go pumpkin picking. Some popular options include [insert local pumpkin patch/farm names].

Q: When is the best time to go pumpkin picking near Hastings?

A: The best time to go pumpkin picking near Hastings is typically during the autumn season, when pumpkin patches are open and pumpkins are ripe for picking.

Q: What should I wear for pumpkin picking?

A: It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear when going pumpkin picking. You may also want to bring along a hat and sunscreen if it’s a sunny day.

Q: Can I bring my children to go pumpkin picking?

A: Yes, pumpkin picking is a great activity for families. Just ensure that you supervise young children and follow any safety guidelines provided by the pumpkin patch or farm.

Q: Are there any other activities to do near Hastings during autumn?

A: Yes, there are plenty of other autumn activities near Hastings. You can explore local attractions, attend events, or enjoy the scenic beauty of the area during this season.

Q: How do I plan my pumpkin picking trip to Hastings?

A: To plan your pumpkin picking trip to Hastings, consider transportation options, parking availability, and any admission fees. It’s also advisable to check the opening hours and any additional amenities offered by the pumpkin patch or farm.

Q: Why is it important to support local pumpkin farms in Hastings?

A: Supporting local pumpkin farms in Hastings helps to sustain the local economy and farming community. Additionally, buying directly from local farmers ensures fresh and high-quality produce.

Q: What are some safety considerations for pumpkin picking near Hastings?

A: When pumpkin picking near Hastings, it’s important to wear appropriate footwear, stay hydrated, and be mindful of potential hazards in the fields. Follow any safety guidelines provided by the pumpkin patch or farm.

Q: Any tips for taking great photos while pumpkin picking in Hastings?

A: To capture memorable photos while pumpkin picking in Hastings, consider the lighting and composition of your shots. Embrace the autumn atmosphere and don’t forget to use relevant hashtags when sharing your photos on social media.

Q: Where can I buy pumpkins in Hastings if I prefer not to pick them myself?

A: If you prefer not to pick pumpkins yourself, you can find them at local markets, grocery stores, or farm shops in Hastings during the autumn season.

Q: How should I plan my pumpkin picking adventure in Hastings?

A: Start by choosing a date and time that works best for you. Research the pumpkin patches and farms near Hastings, and make sure to plan for transportation, parking, and any necessary preparations. Get ready to have a fantastic day out picking your own pumpkins!

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