Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Bartley Green – Fun Family Outings

Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Bartley Green

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it comes the perfect opportunity for families to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors. One activity that is sure to create lasting memories is pumpkin picking. Not only is it a fun adventure for all ages, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of fall in all its glory.

If you’re wondering where to go pumpkin picking near Bartley Green, look no further. There are plenty of local farms and pumpkin patches in the area that offer this seasonal activity. These farms not only provide a chance to pick out the perfect pumpkin, but they often have a range of other attractions and events to enjoy as well.

Whether you’re a resident or visiting the area, pumpkin picking is an activity that should not be missed. So, gather your family and get ready for a fun-filled day in the picturesque fields of Bartley Green.

Key Takeaways

  • Pumpkin picking is a fun autumn activity for families in Bartley Green.
  • Local farms and pumpkin patches offer a range of attractions and events to enjoy.
  • Pumpkin picking provides the perfect opportunity to embrace the beauty of fall in all its glory.

Discover Pumpkin Picking Near Me in Bartley Green

If you’re looking for a fun family activity this autumn, pumpkin picking may just be the perfect choice! Lucky for you, there are plenty of pumpkin farms and patches near Bartley Green where you can pick your own pumpkin straight from the field.

One such option is the Moor Green Allotments and Community Garden, which is less than a 10-minute drive from the centre of Bartley Green. Here, you’ll find a selection of pumpkins to choose from, as well as other autumn vegetables and fruits. Plus, you’ll be supporting a local community garden!

Another nearby option is the Essington Farm, located about 20 minutes away. This family-owned farm offers a variety of fall activities in addition to pumpkin picking, such as a maize maze and tractor rides. They even have a farm shop where you can purchase freshly baked goods and other local products.

Farm Name Distance from Bartley Green Additional Activities
Moor Green Allotments and Community Garden Less than 10 minutes N/A
Essington Farm About 20 minutes Maize maze, tractor rides, farm shop

In addition to these options, there are also many other pumpkin farms and patches within a short drive of Bartley Green. For more information and a comprehensive list, check out the Visit Birmingham website.

Discover Pumpkin Picking Near Me in Bartley Green Today!

With so many pumpkin patches and farms near Bartley Green, there is no shortage of autumn fun to be had. So grab your family and head out to the fields for a day filled with pumpkin picking, hayrides, and other fall activities. Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes and a camera to capture those special memories you’ll be creating!

Seasonal Attractions and Activities in Bartley Green

In addition to pumpkin picking, Bartley Green offers a diverse range of autumn activities for families to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a corn maze, hayride, or apple picking, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re seeking a fun and challenging experience, the nearby Umberslade Adventure Park offers an autumnal assault course suitable for all ages. The course spans over 15 obstacles and promises to provide an adrenaline-fueled adventure. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely stroll at the Lickey Hills Country Park and appreciate the stunning views of autumn leaves and countryside.

Another popular attraction is the Frankley Beeches Walk, which runs through a beautiful woodland area. It’s an excellent opportunity to relax, unwind, and take in the beauty of the area. For those interested in history, the nearby Weoley Castle provides a glimpse into the area’s rich past.

Bartley Green is also home to numerous Halloween-themed events, including ghost walks, pumpkin carving contests, and spooky hayrides. You can find more information on these events by visiting the local council website or checking out the events page for Bartley Green on Facebook.

Explore Local Farms in Bartley Green for Autumn Adventures.

When it comes to pumpkin picking and other autumn activities in Bartley Green, there’s no shortage of local farms to choose from. Here are some of the farms in the area that offer pumpkin picking:

Farm Name Location Offerings Website
Bartley Green Farm Bartley Green Pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayrides, farm shop https://www.bartleygreenfarm.co.uk/
Hayes Hill Farm Northfield Pumpkin patch, farm shop https://www.facebook.com/hayeshillfarm/
Kenyon Hall Farm West Bromwich Pumpkin patch, hayrides, farm shop https://www.kenyonhall.co.uk/

Each of these farms offers a unique experience, from the corn maze at Bartley Green Farm to the hayrides at Kenyon Hall Farm. You can visit their websites for more information on their hours of operation, prices, and any special events or activities they may have during the fall season.

Pumpkin picking is not the only activity available at these farms. You can also engage in other autumn adventures such as apple picking and petting zoos. These farms are a great way to spend the day with the family and support local businesses at the same time.

So why not plan a visit to one of these local farms in Bartley Green for your autumn adventure?

A Guide to Pumpkin Picking in Bartley Green

Pumpkin picking is a fun activity for families to enjoy during the autumn season. If you’re planning to go pumpkin picking in Bartley Green, here’s a guide to help you make the most of your outing.

Choosing the Perfect Pumpkin

When selecting a pumpkin, look for one that is firm and feels heavy for its size. Check for blemishes and soft spots, as they can indicate that the pumpkin is not fresh. The stem should be sturdy and firmly attached to the pumpkin.

Harvesting Your Pumpkin

When harvesting your pumpkin, use a pair of pruning shears or scissors to cut the stem about 2-3 inches above the pumpkin. Avoid pulling or twisting the stem, as this can damage the pumpkin and make it more susceptible to rot.

Handling Your Pumpkin Safely

Pumpkins can be heavy and difficult to carry, so it’s important to handle them safely. Use both hands to carry your pumpkin and avoid dropping it. If you need to put it down, place it on a flat surface to prevent rolling. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling pumpkins, as their stems and surfaces may harbor bacteria.

Different Pumpkin Varieties

Bartley Green offers a variety of pumpkin types, including carving pumpkins, pie pumpkins, and decorative pumpkins. If you plan to use your pumpkin for cooking or baking, look for a sugar or pie pumpkin. These are smaller, sweeter, and less stringy than carving pumpkins.

Where to Pick Pumpkins in Bartley Green

There are several local farms in and around Bartley Green that offer pumpkin picking. Check out these links for more information:

These farms offer a range of pumpkin sizes and varieties, as well as other autumn activities like corn mazes and hayrides. Be sure to check their websites for opening hours and any special events they may have.

Tips for Your Pumpkin Picking Outing

Here are some tips to help you plan your pumpkin picking outing:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty.
  • Bring sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as a hat and sunglasses for sunny days.
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera or phone to capture your memories.
  • Consider bringing a wagon or cart to transport your pumpkins.

Pumpkin picking in Bartley Green is a fun family activity that is sure to create lasting memories. Use this guide to help you make the most of your outing and enjoy all that the autumn season has to offer.

Fun Family Outings at Bartley Green Pumpkin Patches

Engaging in pumpkin picking at Bartley Green pumpkin patches is a quintessential autumn activity for families. Not only is it an opportunity to bond with loved ones but also a chance to enjoy the vibrant colours of autumn in the countryside. The pumpkin patches offer a wide range of exciting activities that families can participate in, making for a fun day out. It’s no wonder that pumpkin picking has become a popular tradition for families in Bartley Green.

As you embark on your adventure to the pumpkin patch, you’ll be surrounded by picturesque landscapes that will take your breath away. The pumpkin patches in Bartley Green will provide you with the perfect backdrop for photography and a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature. The family-friendly atmosphere is welcoming, providing a comfortable environment for parents and children alike.

Activity Description
Pumpkin picking Selecting the perfect pumpkin is a fun activity that encourages the involvement of every family member. Each pumpkin patch offers a unique selection of pumpkins, meaning that your choice is limitless.
Corn maze Get lost in a corn maze and challenge your family members to find the exit. There’s no better way to put your navigation skills to the test than in a corn maze.
Bouncy castles Kids can have a blast jumping around in the bouncy castles, while parents watch with joy.
Hayrides Take a hayride around the pumpkin patch and enjoy the scenery while learning about the farm and the crops.

These are just some of the activities that families can engage in during their trip to the pumpkin patch. Each pumpkin patch offers different activities and experiences, so it’s worth exploring each one to find the perfect fit for your family.

Don’t forget to support the local farms by purchasing your pumpkins and produce from them. Not only will you be supporting the local economy, but you’ll also be guaranteed fresh produce. The farms are likely to have other farmers’ market produce available, so it’s worth taking a look at what they have in store.

Make sure to plan ahead for your pumpkin picking outings. It’s advisable to wear appropriate footwear and bring along sunscreen and water. Most pumpkin patches offer refreshments and restroom facilities, but it’s worth checking in advance to avoid any inconveniences. Check out the links below for more information on pumpkin patches in Bartley Green:

Get ready for an exciting day of pumpkin picking and other fun activities at the pumpkin patches in Bartley Green. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Engaging in Seasonal Events in Bartley Green

Autumn in Bartley Green brings an array of seasonal events that are perfect for families to partake in. Make the most of this season and enjoy the festivities while spending quality time with your loved ones. Here are some events and activities you don’t want to miss:

  • The Annual Harvest Festival at Bartley Green Community Centre is a fantastic event that showcases local produce, community spirit, and a range of family-friendly activities. Join in the fun and celebrate the abundance of autumn harvest.
  • Birmingham Oktoberfest is an annual event that celebrates German culture, beer, and food. It’s perfect for adults looking for a fun night out or for families in search of a unique experience.
  • Halloween is a highlight of the autumn season, and Bartley Green has plenty of spooky festivities to offer. From trick-or-treating in the neighbourhood to attending Halloween parties, there are plenty of options for families looking to celebrate the holiday.

Don’t forget to check out local directories to find out about any other events and activities taking place in Bartley Green during the autumn season.

Engaging in seasonal events is not only a great way to bond with your family but also an opportunity to meet new people in the community. Be sure to check out what’s happening in the area and make the most of the autumn season in Bartley Green.

Embracing the Beauty of Autumn in Bartley Green

Autumn in Bartley Green is truly a magical time of year. The vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow foliage create a breathtakingly beautiful landscape that is perfect for a family outing. Whether you’re searching for the perfect pumpkin or just want to explore the great outdoors, Bartley Green has plenty to offer.

The peacefulness of the countryside, coupled with the crisp breeze and warm sunshine, makes for a delightful autumnal atmosphere. Besides pumpkin picking, there are a variety of activities to enjoy in Bartley Green during the fall, such as taking a hayride, getting lost in a corn maze and picking juicy apples.

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

One of the best parts about pumpkin picking in Bartley Green is supporting local farms. By buying directly from the farms, you are reducing your carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. Not to mention, the pumpkins are super fresh!

Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the scenic beauty and memorable moments with your loved ones. And if you get peckish, many of the local farms offer refreshments like hot apple cider and sweet treats like pumpkin pie.

So, get into the spirit of the season and plan your next autumn adventure in Bartley Green today.

Supporting Local Farms in Bartley Green

As you embark on your pumpkin picking adventure in Bartley Green, it’s important to consider the local farms in the area and the benefits of supporting them. By purchasing your pumpkins directly from these farms, you can ensure their freshness and quality.

Not only that, but supporting local farms also supports the local economy and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. By purchasing locally, you’re reducing the amount of transportation needed to bring products to your area, which in turn decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, local farms often offer a unique and personal experience that you may not find in large stores. You can connect with the farmers and learn about their work and the care that goes into growing their crops.

If you’re interested in supporting local farms in Bartley Green, take a look at the websites of the pumpkin patches and farms mentioned in this article. Consider visiting them not just for pumpkin picking, but for other activities and experiences they offer.

Planning Your Pumpkin Picking Outing in Bartley Green

If you’re planning a pumpkin picking outing in Bartley Green, here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience:

  • Choose a date that works for your family schedule and check the weather forecast ahead of time.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Wear sturdy shoes or boots for walking in the fields.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Bring a reusable shopping bag or wagon to carry your pumpkins and other goodies.
  • Check with the pumpkin farm ahead of time to see if they offer refreshments or have restroom facilities available.
  • Consider bringing a camera to capture the memories of your pumpkin picking adventure.

Now that you’ve got your plan in place, it’s time to choose the perfect pumpkin farm in Bartley Green for your outing. Check out local information and websites to find a farm that fits your family’s needs and interests. Remember, pumpkin picking is a fun and memorable way to spend time together as a family, and there are plenty of options available in beautiful Bartley Green.

Safety Precautions for Pumpkin Picking in Bartley Green

Before setting out on your pumpkin picking adventure, it’s essential to consider safety precautions to ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Wear appropriate footwear Make sure to wear sturdy closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers or boots, to protect your feet from mud, bugs, and other hazards. Sandals or flip-flops are not recommended.
Avoid contact with pests Be aware of wasps, bees, spiders, and other potential pests that may be present in the pumpkin patches. If you or anyone in your group has allergies, make sure to bring any necessary medication (such as an EpiPen) with you.
Handle sharp tools with care If you plan to use scissors or a knife to cut pumpkins from the stem, make sure to handle them with care and keep them away from children. Consider using safety scissors or opting for pre-cut pumpkins if you’re concerned about using sharp tools.
Stay hydrated Bring plenty of water and drinks to stay hydrated during your pumpkin picking outing. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to drink water, so make a conscious effort to take breaks and stay hydrated.
Dress appropriately Depending on the weather, you may need to dress in layers and bring a raincoat or umbrella. Be prepared for any changes in weather and dress appropriately to stay comfortable throughout your outing.
Follow COVID-19 guidelines Keep in mind any current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in place, including social distancing and wearing masks. Check with the pumpkin patch or farm beforehand to see what safety protocols are in place.

By following these safety precautions, you can ensure a happy and healthy pumpkin picking experience for you and your family. Remember to have fun, take lots of pictures, and enjoy the beautiful autumn day!


Now that you know all about pumpkin picking near Bartley Green, it’s time to plan your autumn adventure. Whether you’re looking for a family day out or a romantic date, there are plenty of pumpkin patches and farms in the area to suit your needs.

Remember to check out the other seasonal attractions and events in Bartley Green, such as corn mazes and harvest festivals, to make the most of your autumn experience. And don’t forget to support your local farms by buying your pumpkins directly from them – it’s a great way to contribute to the community and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re all set to embark on your pumpkin picking outing, make sure to plan ahead and take necessary safety precautions. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, bring sunscreen and insect repellent if needed, and handle sharp tools with care. And most importantly, have fun!

For more information on pumpkin picking and autumn activities in Bartley Green, check out the links below:

Bartley Green community website

Pick Your Own Farms: Pumpkin Picking Near Bartley Green


Q: What are the best pumpkin picking locations near Bartley Green?

A: We have compiled a list of local farms and pumpkin patches that offer pumpkin picking in and around Bartley Green. Check out our guide section for more information and explore the options available.

Q: What other activities can I enjoy in Bartley Green during the fall season?

A: Apart from pumpkin picking, Bartley Green offers a range of seasonal attractions and activities. You can try out corn mazes, hayrides, and even apple picking. Discover more about these exciting activities in our guide section.

Q: How can I support local farms in Bartley Green?

A: Supporting local farms is important, and one way to do so is by buying pumpkins directly from these farms. By doing this, you ensure freshness, support the local economy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more about the benefits of supporting local farms in our dedicated section.

Q: What should I consider when planning a pumpkin picking outing in Bartley Green?

A: Planning your pumpkin picking outing involves considering the best time to go, what to wear, and what to bring along. Our detailed guide section provides practical tips and suggestions to help you plan your outing effectively.

Q: Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of during pumpkin picking in Bartley Green?

A: Safety is important when engaging in any activity, including pumpkin picking. We provide a comprehensive guide section that covers important safety precautions, such as wearing appropriate footwear and handling tools with care. Prioritize your well-being by following these precautions during your pumpkin picking adventure.

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