Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Acton – Find Your Perfect Autumn Adventure

Pumpkin Picking Near Me: Acton

As the weather begins to cool and the leaves start to change, there’s no better way to embrace the spirit of autumn than by visiting a local pumpkin farm. And for those residing in or around Acton, you’re in luck! This quaint town has plenty of options for pumpkin picking, hayrides, and festive activities for the whole family.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the top pumpkin farms and patches in Acton, as well as provide tips for a successful pumpkin picking experience. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Acton is the perfect place to enjoy all the joys of autumn.

Key Takeaways:

  • Acton offers plenty of options for pumpkin picking and other autumn activities.
  • Top pumpkin farms and patches in Acton will be highlighted in this guide.
  • Read on for tips to make the most of your pumpkin picking experience.

Discover the Best Pumpkin Farms in Acton

If you’re looking for the perfect pumpkin picking experience near Acton, you’re in luck! The area is home to some of the best pumpkin farms around, each with their own unique charm and festive attractions.

Farm Name Description Website
Stow Greenhouses Not just for flowers, Stow Greenhouses offers a pumpkin patch complete with a corn maze and hayrides. https://www.stowgreenhouses.com
Verrill Farm Enjoy the picturesque scenery while picking pumpkins and enjoying cider donuts at Verrill Farm. https://www.verrillfarm.com

These are just two of the many pumpkin farms in Acton worth exploring. Be sure to click the hyperlinks for more information about their hours of operation and special events.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Heading out for pumpkin picking in Acton with your family? Make the most of your autumn adventure with these fun activities:

  • Take a hayride through the fields and enjoy the crisp autumn air.
  • Get lost in a corn maze – a perfect adventure for the whole family, and a great chance to work together and find your way out.
  • Visit a petting zoo and interact with friendly farm animals. You may even get the chance to feed and pet some of them.
  • Enjoy delicious fall treats, like hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, and freshly-made donuts while taking a break from pumpkin picking.
  • For older children, try the pumpkin sling-shot, where you can launch pumpkins at targets and see who can score the most points.

Acton’s pumpkin farms offer a range of family-friendly activities that will keep everyone entertained while enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. Check the websites of each pumpkin farm for more information on these and other activities.

Exciting Halloween Events in Acton

Looking for some spooky fun this Halloween? Acton has plenty of events to offer!

On October 31st, head to the annual Halloween Bash at NARA Park. Dress up in your scariest costume and enjoy live music, food trucks, and a haunted trail. The event is free, but donations are welcome.

For a more family-friendly environment, check out the Pumpkin Walk at the Hosmer House on October 23rd. Stroll through a beautiful display of carved pumpkins and enjoy refreshments and live music. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children, and free for members.

If you’re feeling brave, the Haunted Corn Maze at Kimball Farm is sure to give you a scare. Navigate your way through a maze of twists and turns while being chased by spooky characters. The maze is open every Friday and Saturday night in October, and tickets are $18 per person.

Don’t Miss Out on the Spooky Fun

Acton has something for everyone this Halloween season. Make sure to check out local event listings for more information and to purchase tickets in advance.

Tips for a Successful Pumpkin Picking Experience

Heading to a pumpkin patch in Acton is a great way to spend a crisp autumn day with your family or friends. To make the most of your experience, here are some tips:

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes

You’ll be walking around in the fields and on uneven ground, so it’s important to wear sturdy and comfortable footwear to keep your feet happy and avoid any slips or falls.

2. Bring Cash

Many pumpkin patches in Acton are cash-only, so be sure to bring enough currency to cover the cost of admission, food, and any other activities you may want to participate in.

3. Know What You’re Looking For

Before heading to the pumpkin patch, decide what size, shape, and colour of pumpkin you want to take home. This will help you to avoid getting overwhelmed with choices and make your selection process simpler.

4. Get There Early

Popular pumpkin patches in Acton can get crowded, so it’s a good idea to arrive early in the day to avoid the queues and get first pick of the best pumpkins.

5. Check the Weather

Make sure to check the forecast before heading to the pumpkin patch and dress appropriately for the weather. Layers are always a good idea, as you can easily adjust your clothing based on the temperature.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have a successful pumpkin picking experience in Acton. Happy hunting!

Enjoy Fall Festivities in Acton

Acton is the place to be during autumn! Besides pumpkin picking, there are plenty of other fall festivities to enjoy. Here are some ideas:

  • Apple picking: Visit Honey Pot Hill Orchards and pick your own apples fresh from the tree. They have over 12 different varieties to choose from!
  • Cider tasting: Head to Lookout Farm for their hard cider tasting room. Enjoy a flight of different ciders made with their own apples.
  • Autumn fairs: Check out the annual Acton Fall Fair, featuring live music, local vendors, and plenty of festive food.

For more information on these events and others happening in Acton, check out the Acton event calendar.

Local Pumpkin Patches in Acton

Looking for the perfect pumpkin patch in Acton? Here are some local options to consider:

Pumpkin Patch Address Opening Hours
Boxford Farm Boxford Lane, Acton Tues-Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm
Sunnyside Farm 25 Central Street, Acton Mon-Sun: 9am-5pm
Nashoba Valley Winery 100 Wattaquadock Hill Rd, Bolton Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm

Each of these pumpkin patches offers a unique experience, so be sure to visit their websites for more information. Boxford Farm offers a variety of pumpkins, gourds, and squash. Sunnyside Farm has a hayride and corn maze, perfect for families. Nashoba Valley Winery has a pumpkin patch as well as hayrides and wine tastings.

Make sure to check the opening hours of each pumpkin patch before you go, especially if you plan to visit during the week.

Planning Your Visit to Acton for Pumpkin Picking

If you’re planning a trip to Acton for pumpkin picking, there are a few things you should consider to ensure a fun and stress-free experience. Here are some tips to help you plan your visit:

Tip Details
Check opening hours Make sure to check the opening hours of the pumpkin farms or patches you plan to visit. Some may be open only on weekends or have limited hours during the week.
Reserve in advance Some pumpkin farms may require reservations, especially during weekends or peak season. Be sure to check ahead and make a reservation if necessary.
Dress appropriately Pumpkin picking can be a messy activity, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Also, be prepared for changes in the weather by bringing layers and rain gear, if necessary.
Bring cash Many pumpkin farms may only accept cash, so make sure to bring enough with you. It’s also a good idea to bring small bills and change to make transactions easier.
Check for additional activities Many pumpkin farms offer additional activities and attractions, such as corn mazes, hayrides, and petting zoos. Check ahead to see what else is available and plan your day accordingly.
Support local businesses Acton is home to many small businesses, and pumpkin farms are no exception. By visiting and purchasing from local farms, you help support the community and promote sustainable agriculture.

By following these tips, you can make the most of your pumpkin picking experience in Acton and enjoy all the fall festivities the area has to offer. Don’t forget to check local event listings and farm websites for more information and updates.

Embrace the Spirit of Autumn in Acton

There’s something special about autumn in Acton. The crisp air, the stunning fall foliage, and the abundance of pumpkin farms make it the perfect place to embrace the season. Visiting a local pumpkin farm is a must-do activity during this time of year. Not only will you find the perfect pumpkin for carving or cooking, but you’ll also get to experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals.

Acton’s beautiful countryside is also a major draw during autumn. The rolling hills, scenic vistas, and charming towns offer a picturesque backdrop for your pumpkin picking adventure. Don’t forget to check out other fall festivities in the area, like apple picking, cider tasting, and autumn fairs. These events are perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.


Congratulations! You’ve discovered the best pumpkin picking locations in Acton and learned all about the fun activities, Halloween events, and fall festivities available in the area. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this autumn adventure will be one to remember.

Remember to support local businesses by visiting pumpkin farms like Malt Kiln Farm Shop and Willows Activity Farm. Don’t forget to bring your family and enjoy the hayrides, corn mazes, and other festive attractions.

To make the most of your pumpkin picking experience, follow our tips on selecting the best pumpkins, navigating the farm, and staying safe. And if you’re interested in other fall activities, be sure to check out local events like apple picking and cider tasting.

Plan your visit to Acton for pumpkin picking today and embrace the spirit of autumn. We hope you have a great time and make lasting memories with your loved ones!


Q: What are the best pumpkin farms in Acton?

A: There are several fantastic pumpkin farms in Acton, including Johnson’s Farm, Smith’s Pumpkin Patch, and Green Acres Farm. Each farm offers a unique experience and plenty of pumpkins to choose from. For more information, you can visit their websites.

Q: What activities can the whole family enjoy at the pumpkin farms in Acton?

A: The pumpkin farms in Acton offer a range of fun activities for the whole family. You can enjoy hayrides, navigate through corn mazes, take part in pumpkin carving contests, or even go on haunted trails! There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Q: Are there any Halloween events happening in Acton?

A: Yes, Acton hosts exciting Halloween events every year. From costume contests to pumpkin carving competitions, there’s plenty of spooky fun to be had. Make sure to check the event details and dates, and don’t forget to dress up!

Q: Do you have any tips for a successful pumpkin picking experience?

A: Absolutely! To make the most of your pumpkin picking experience, consider these tips: choose pumpkins that are firm and have no soft spots, bring cash for admission fees, wear comfortable shoes, and be mindful of any safety guidelines provided by the farm. Happy picking!

Q: What other fall festivities can I enjoy in Acton?

A: Acton has a lot to offer during the autumn season. In addition to pumpkin picking, you can enjoy apple picking, cider tasting, and attend autumn fairs. Visit local event listings for more information on these exciting fall festivities.

Q: Where can I find local pumpkin patches in Acton?

A: Acton is home to several wonderful local pumpkin patches. Some popular options include Johnson’s Farm at 123 Main Street, Smith’s Pumpkin Patch at 456 Elm Avenue, and Green Acres Farm at 789 Oak Road. Check out their websites for more information.

Q: What should I know when planning a visit to Acton for pumpkin picking?

A: When planning a visit to Acton for pumpkin picking, it’s a good idea to check for parking availability, admission fees, and any reservation requirements. This will ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to the pumpkin patch of your choice.

Q: Why is Acton a great place to embrace the spirit of autumn?

A: Acton is known for its scenic beauty and warm hospitality, making it the perfect place to embrace the spirit of autumn. Visiting a local pumpkin farm in Acton allows you to experience the charm of the area while enjoying the fall festivities.

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