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Tickets for Troops Creigiau

Tickets for Troops Creigiau

Creigiau Tickets for Troops 2022 is taking place on 31 August 2022. Grab tickets for this event near you.

Commemorate Creigiau Tickets for Troops 2022 and carousels taking place in Creigiau, Cardiff this night.

Enjoy a beautiful professional exhibition of fireworks brightening the evening sky as we pay tribute to the Tickets for Troops Creigiau.

Delight in delicious hot grub and drink from local businesses during the evening. Make a showing at local eateries and pubs at the close of the function to resume the festival night entertainment.

Constituting the function there might be real-time performance music beamed in some locations plus fairground rides, but this will depend on the event organizers in this definite environment.

Locals and non-locals engage in marches and festivities, amuse themselves with Tickets for Troops displays and undisputably parties in Creigiau. There are several settings that complement everyone’s preferable celebration fashion in Creigiau Tickets for Troops. 

Date: 31 August 2022

Time: 10am – 11pm

Location: Creigiau, The Terrace CF15 9NG