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New Parks Festival 2022

festival New Parks

New Parks Festival 2022 will be going ahead on on 31 July 2022. Grab tickets for this event near you.

Make merry on New Parks Festival 2022 and celebrations going down in New Parks, Leicestershire this evening.

Derive pleasure in a dazzling professional demonstration of fireworks lighting up the night-time sky as we observe the festival New Parks.

Unearth tasty hot grub and liquids from local suppliers in the course of the evening. Head onto local diners and pubs at the end of the event to resume the festival evening festivities.

Amongst the function there may be real-time extravaganza music broadcast in certain venues plus carnival rides, but this will be contingent on the function representatives in this particular location.

Townsfolk and tourists throw themselves in processions and celebrations, appreciate festival shows and most definitely parties in New Parks. There are several spots that fit lots of people’s preferable reveling style in New Parks. 

Date: 31 July 2022

Time: 10am – 12pm

Location: New Parks, Aikman Avenue LE3 9JP